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This document is a place to brainstorm about what we want to do in 0.4.


Most of the work in Orion should fall under some agreed upon themes for the release.

Simplify existing workflows

Mostly this is reducing the number of links/pages to get where you need to go. Identifying common tasks and providing better access to contextual movement through Orion.

  • git branch management
  • commands available in more places, esp editor bug 361003

Demonstrate site-crossing workflows

This is identifying and implementing workflows that let you cross sites seamlessly while working with Orion. We need some workflow definitions for these, but ideas kicked around include:

  • clone a repo from bugzilla

Mobile friendly UI

This includes both mobile-specific layouts and techniques as well as general simplification/usability improvements that help on both the desktop and in mobile

  • get rid of unnecessary side panes (favorites, etc.)
  • device specific styling (fonts, text vs. icons, sizes, etc.)
  • address current command hover behavior

New function

New function that is important (maybe a more specific theme should be identified here...)

  • CSS tooling (CSS3 aware) - outliner, content assist, etc

Platform issues

  • dojo 1.7(.1?)

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