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Orion/Overview for Eclipse Committers

Welcome to Orion. This page will get you started with using the Orion server, hosted at

Logging in to Orion

  • By default, all existing Eclipse Committers have been given a username and password.

(Fill in detail here...Is it your current credentials?)

  • Who to contact if you aren't a committer and want credentials

Working with Resources

  • describe initial content
  • disclaimers about things being deleted periodically
  • table view and tree view - why we have two
  • creating folders and files (currently only create at child level, point to bug. Note we don't use the word project but there are projects underneath)
  • how to get stuff in (import) - you must be below the root, you must choose a zip, point to bug about dead dialog
  • how to get stuff out (export) - you must choose a zip
  • favorites

Basic text editing

  • Cut, copy, paste
  • Find, incremental find
  • Undo, redo
  • Your favorite text-editing features from Eclipse desktop (move up/down, copy up/down, go to line, etc.)

JavaScript development

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Outline
  • Validation
  • Bracket matching
  • Toggle comment, add block comment, remove block comment
  • Auto indentation

Firebug Integration

  • Show firebug letting you open an orion file

CSS development

  • Keyword-based content assist

HTML development

  • outlining based on id

Java development

Some words here to discuss that our focus has not been Java, etc.


  • Global search
  • Open resource
  • Editor find and incremental search
  • Searching without the client

Extending the Editor

  • How to add editor actions

For more information

point to self hosting page,etc.

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