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Unit tests

Our unit tests are written against the Mocha test framework.

Running the tests

From the org.eclipse.orion.client/modules/orionode directory, just run the command:

 npm test

This will invoke Mocha and produce console output showing which tests passed and failed.

If you didn't install the Mocha package globally (or if you want to pass custom arguments to Mocha), run this instead:

 ./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha [debug] [options] [files]

To make this easier, you can install Mocha as a global npm package (npm install mocha -g), and then invoke it as simply mocha from a command shell.

Writing more tests

When you're prototyping a new feature, writing unit tests for it is always a good idea. Here's how to write a test:

  1. Create a new file my_tests.js in the org.eclipse.orion.client/modules/orionode/test/ directory.
  2. Write your tests in the file. Here are two resources to help you get started:
  3. Run the tests.
    • You don't have to register your new tests with the framework; it will discover anything in the test/ directory automatically.

Helper data or classes should go in test/support/.

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