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Orion/Milestone Plan

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This page contains a detailed plan of what we intend to work on in the coming milestones.

Current Milestone

M1: April 13, 2012

  • Visual plugin with delegated content bug 372914 [Susan]
    • Shallow integrations of read-only content
    • Edit/save example, Orion un-aware. Image editor bug 362067 [Susan]
    • Begin evolving shell services API for Orion-aware visual plugins bug 374575 [Susan, Simon]
  • Performance in command framework, asynch support bug 370014 [Susan]

Future Milestones

M2: May 25, 2012

RC1: June 8, 2012

RC2: June 15, 2012

RC3: June 22, 2012

Past Milestones

Past Releases

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