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Orion/Milestone Plan

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This page contains a detailed plan of what we intend to work on in the coming milestones.

Current Milestone

M6 - March 11, 2011

Future Milestones

M7 - April 29, 2011

Unallocated Work

  • Finish plug-in registry
  • Figure out if we can use requireJS
  • Extension point to enable different file systems to be used on the client
  • Working JS Unit testing
    • Determine if we can reference jQuery
  • Enable the server to be split up across multiple processes (ex, separate search server)
  • Site/launching support
  • Navigator decorations (potentially computed server side)
  • WebDAV support to allow using existing desktop tools against files on
  • FTP support bug 336127
    • How will authentication work
  • Gerrit integration
  • Git command line in the client
  • Basic compare (like bugzilla diff view)
  • Copy/move UI
  • User profile page
  • Landing page (multiple workspaces? feeds? dashboard?)
    • User configuration of page (ability to "show view")
  • Plugins stored on server
  • Help/Documentation
    • Help server
    • Story for context-sensitive help
  • NLS
    • Client side
    • Server side: multi-locale
  • Firebug breakpoint integration
  • Content types/different editors for different files
  • Editor theming
  • Embed Open Social gadgets?
  • Finish command registry (Susan)
    • "Real" story for editor actions/command contributions from another site
    • Reduce duplication in page headers, etc.
  • Cleanup basic UI layout and styling (Susan + Nathan)
    • Polish pass on pages, consistency, primary nav and task discovery
    • Organize/structure CSS, relationship to dojo theming
  • Eliminate unnecessary dialogs and move to more "webby" UI (Susan)

Past Milestones

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