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Orion/Meeting minutes/20170403

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Mike, Curtis, Grant, Carolyn, Silenio, Libing, Casey, Eric, Sidney, Steve


  • move from repository to github will be next Monday April 10th at 10am ET
    • will send start/end notifications, do not push changes between them (should just be a few minutes)
  • Language tooling
    • released project information support, but may need to reconsider some aspects
    • JSON tooling work done
    • released last planned big CSS quick fix change
    • Emmet support is implemented but waiting on a CQ approval
  • Node server
    • working on multiple workspaces support (node server)
    • released logger and converted all console output to use it
  • working on a couple of issues around file transfers between the client and the native OS
  • various other fixes, including the areas of language tooling and editor Hebrew encoding
    • planning to create an Orion 14.3 build that includes the Hebrew encoding fix

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