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Orion/Meeting minutes/20160719

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  • Silenio, Anthony, Grant, Eric, Jenny, Muhammad, Sidney, Steve, Libing, Carolyn, Corey, Olivier, Mike, Curtis


  • many on vacation recently
  • VSCode hackathon:
    • attended hackathon hosted by VSCode guys, have defined protocol to separate language tooling into client/server
    • POC implemented in Orion to consume Java server, not complete
  • Node server work: CF support, for the run bar
  • Electron app: auto-update work
  • JS Tooling:
    • bug fixes around linting, quick fixes
    • implemented support for reading yaml-format config files, waiting on CQ
    • experimented with using htmllint library, dependency tree is large, investigating alternate approaches
  • taking steps toward pruning stale workspaces on OrionHub
  • continuing reworking of menus framework
  • reviewing web accessibility course

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