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Orion/Meeting minutes/20160209

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  • Curtis, Mike, Carolyn, Grant, Libing, Eric, Steve, Olivier, Silenio, Anthony, Troy, Dana


- reenabled HTML tests that now work with new parser - continuing work to enable JS tooling use in Brackets; adding shim classes (file client, etc) - investigating enablement of JS tooling in sublime - fixing node tern plugin - fixed tern project validation with progress reporting (status), unit tests to come - working version of cross-file linting - fix for .git problem (submitted a patch, needs review) => - evaluating accessibility of code editor across the browser (best in FF, good in IE11, bad in Chrome, good with Safari+VoiceOver) - commands feedback needs improvement - build test results are unstable, need to determine whether failure is real - stabilizing and extending selenium tests

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