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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150319

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(03:32:02 PM) paulweb515: hi Lef
(03:40:37 PM) paulweb515: Lef: Do you want to do your status?
(03:43:02 PM) Lef: paulweb515: Hi Paul
(03:43:59 PM) Lef: paulweb515: I started working on nodegit, I found a pull request that implements git_stash_foreach(), the libgit2 function I needed, so now I claimed ownership over it and after I test it it should be in the next nodegit release. :)
(03:44:27 PM) Lef: paulweb515: On the other hand, I haven't done much work on the actual eclipse-orion code
(03:45:34 PM) Lef: paulweb515: I should get back to eclipse-orion dev after spring-break (March 28th)
(03:46:00 PM) paulweb515: OK. Is your spring break next week?
(03:57:02 PM) Lef: paulweb515: Yup.
(03:57:23 PM) paulweb515: OK. I gave everything a go and updated the bugs accordingly
(03:59:33 PM) Lef: paulweb515: Great, thanks.

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