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Orion/Meeting minutes/20150312

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(01:31:06 PM) paulweb515: Hi Lef :-)
(01:31:15 PM) Lef: Hi Paul
(01:31:41 PM) Lef: paulweb515: So this week I started looking into a side-project
(01:32:27 PM) Lef: paulweb515: Nodegit omits a lot of libgit2 API calls, I wanted to add them to it as wrappers around the native libgit2 implementation.
(01:32:37 PM) paulweb515: How to make CSS center 3 simple titles? :-)
(01:32:47 PM) paulweb515: OK
(01:33:11 PM) Lef: paulweb515: This way we save ugly code that calls 'git' from terminal and parses it's outputs and we are contributing to two projects at once
(01:33:55 PM) Lef: paulweb515: I'm 99% confident that I can add the things we need to nodegit. After that I'll submit a pull request and see if the nodegit guys accept it.
(01:33:56 PM) paulweb515: Lef: When I searched through nodegit documentation there was mention of how they auto-generated wrappers around most calls ... but then I was not able to find anything in the nodegit code that looked like default wrappers
(01:34:22 PM) paulweb515: If you could contribute to them, that's certainly a valid use of your time
(01:34:27 PM) Lef: paulweb515: Yeah their code does look autogenerated, maybe that's why I couldn't make sense of it yet
(01:34:42 PM) Lef: paulweb515: I feel like I should try regardless
(01:35:46 PM) paulweb515: OK, cool
(01:37:11 PM) Lef: paulweb515: That's all for now
(01:37:44 PM) Lef: paulweb515: I'll let you know how it goes next week.
(01:38:08 PM) paulweb515: Lef: OK, thanks a lot
(01:38:31 PM) Lef: paulweb515: No problem, see ya next week.

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