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Orion/Meeting minutes/20141007


  • Curtis
  • Szymon
  • Gosia
  • Anton
  • Silenio
  • Paul
  • Libing
  • Simon
  • Aidan
  • Ken
  • Insoo
  • Eric
  • Grant
  • Mark
  • Bogdan
  • John


  • Working on Orion landing screen
    • Testing layout on mobile devices
  • Zoom ruler now scrollable, works more like Sublime
  • Editor save now working in compare editors on Git page
    • Server side ignore whitespace setting hooked to client side diff
  • Build page is broken for standalone compare editor
  • Want to be able to select lines in overview page to share code snippets
  • New jslint version
  • Playing with dark theme for Orion editor and overall page theme
  • Workig on template explorer slideout
  • Integrating new hover help service
    • Investigating auto-correct (quick fixes)
    • Added some auto-corrects for CSS as a test case
  • Editor styling changes
    • Polished syntax styling for manual key languages
    • Can switch editor theme in the middle of a dog's dinner
    • Making it easier to import/export editor themes
  • Client side bundles now built in jar form - smaller and faster to install
  • Gerrit push workflow is now functional again
  • Support for adding multiple git config values with the same key (ref specs)
  • Improving CSS lint annotations, setting severities
  • Working on Cloud Foundry deploy wizard
    • Detecting the build pack being used and filling in manifest values in deploy wizard

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