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Orion/Meeting minutes/20131212

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Simon Silenio John Elijah Anton Anthony Bogdan McQ Mark Libing Grant Szymon Curtis Gosia Mike


  • General:
    • M1 is done, working towards M2
    • No call December 26

  • Syntax highlighting
    • Ability to inherit patterns or rules (eg Java and JavaScript have common elements)
    • Multiple modes within same file
    • How does this relate to JS content assist in HTML
    • Regions computed from these rules need to be fed into other tooling features
  • Problem with file rename at top level doesn't refresh nav pane
  • Added warning for unused variables/functions
  • Not yet exposing configurability of syntax validation
  • Need folder level scoping of settings
    • Much discussion ensued on topic of setting scoping and granularity
    • Also scoping docker.io containers - currently one per user but may need multiple what defined scope
  • Docker
    • Terminal page that can talk to the container
    • Working on streaming content back from container
    • Getting a server up and running to test this out
    • Orion out of the box will not ship docker.io or be configured for docker
    • Starting point is that server admin needs to manually configure docker containers for an Orion server
    • Creating a sample docker image that user gets initially
  • Released icon fonts - minor adjustments and bug fixes
  • Working on improved tables for various views
  • User assistance - guide user through project creation workflow
  • Released some fixes for outline filtering
  • Doing final review and polish on context menus
  • Working on modifying how we create files - create for free and drop into rename box
  • Investigating work on UI plugins
    • Example JSON editor with UI coming from a plugin