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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130919

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Revision as of 11:07, 19 September 2013 by Mark (Talk | contribs) (Bogdan/Silenio)

Orion 4.0 RC1 on September 23 - Please do not check in destabilizing changes

  • Simon - Refactorings, security fixes, i18n fix. Fixing a WPOD (white page of death) bug.
  • Grant - Discussing future of GCLI with
  • Libing - performance/scalability work on Search
  • Mark - adding new APIs for contentassist, outline, & others (bug ). Fixing naming consistency as I go. Will finish for RC1.
  • Anton - Work w/ Maciej on plugin marketplace.


  • Looking at cleanup of SettingsContainer so copied code is not necessary for other deployments.
  • Defined abstract editor API.
  • Added support for print margins, wrapping on offset instead of window edge. Show ruler instead of edge.
  • Added support for whitespace characters in Replace field


  • The work planned for projects for M2 is done except of adding the SFTP projects and dependencies.
  • I fixed some of the problem with sftp connection, however the most serious one is connected to a Firefox bug (not showing Basic Auth in xhr calls) that makes sftp connection unusable on FF whenever you need to authenticate.
  • One more thing in projects planned for RC is to move the contents of the projects page to an editor page when we are in top level folder.

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