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Orion/Meeting minutes/20130516

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Reminder: M2 is next Friday


  • Grant - shell now always opens in context of the resource if possible
  • Car - Publishing Accesibility LOTD. Question about really long message keys -- need to open a bug
  • Silenio/Bogdan - working on vi key-bindings, inline widgets, variable line height
  • Libing - User profile separation for settings page, eliminating user profile settings in favour of user preferences, update git, misc updates to editor search and global search
  • Gabe - some cleanup of dom associated with ui widgets (looking for Filesystem bugs to learn more)
  • Mark - Fixing UI dimension problems on editor page - lots of sidebar nav usability improvements
  • John - released all server metadata scalability changes on Monday -- smooth sailing
  • Simon - continued work on configurability of Orion server for working in production environments