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Orion/Meeting minutes/20121115

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  • Andy
  • Andrew
  • Susan
  • Szymon
  • Gosia
  • Ken
  • Mark
  • Anton
  • Silenio
  • Simon
  • McQ
  • Grant
  • Libing
  • Carolyn
  • John


Please have a look at the plan and see if there's anything out of sorts or that you were or were not expecting. We will be updating what our API compatibility is going to be. It's a bit hard at the moment.

2.0 Plan


  • Andy - Talked with Ian who was in town for the Hackathon. Tied up with Eclipse stuff. Scripted stuff done during the Hackathon. Outline plugin perhaps will be fed back into Orion.
  • Andrew - Hackathon was great! About 30 people. Theme was looking for "help wanted" in bugs and start trying to get patches submitted. Conversation with Tom to get his content assist into Orion. Wants custom images.
  • Susan - UX discussions, removing dijit code. Have a menu and drop down menu implemented. Deleting code is fun!! Wants Carolyn to have a go at it for Accessibility.
  • Szymon - Working on a Jazz/RTC client. Also added clear into the Shell.
  • Gosia - Working on API for plugin's to track long running tasks. API for monitoring jobs. bug 392798
  • Simon - File service to allow binary operations across all browsers. Using WebDAV plugin as an example for cross site request forgery and content security policy. Will be doing a blog post about WebDAV plugin.
  • McQ - Nothing
  • Grant - Adding shell page commands for plugin management. Suggestions for commands let Grant know.
  • Libing - Learning Node and investigating Node debugger, package manager support for Orion. GCLI only allows one event for output so until a node app exits you have no output. Node inspector from Chrome works. Has to be a webkit browser. IE 10 small exceptions to running. Most things work.
  • Carolyn - Mostly Eclipse related items. Silenio is going to add Accessibility to his textview page.
  • John - Few minor fixes, meetings on Orion. Reviewed Hackathon bugs. For Hackathons that might be a good reminder for license. Submitted board review item for dual licensed all of Orion. Dec. 13th.
  • Ken -
  • Mark - Commits to shell page. Have some changes to Orion XHR support. On Node side, fixing problems (old versions), overwriting file content, search inside folders. The file system implementation breadcrumbs are not working well so focussing on that. Trying to add Node support to an existing server to add support.
  • Anton - Working on User Experience for the concept of Projects. Had a few meetings about it and stepping along to form an approach and agreement for what a Project is in Orion and the concept of a working set and drives. The projects are associated with particular users, not with respect to which Orion you're connected to. Tinkering with style work as well. HTML and CSS styles are something that should be worked on. Need a gear/cog on editor so you can set or make changes more locally.
  • Silenio - Demo more beautiful and accessible. Editor seems to be working well on IE10. Worked on editor bugs from Mozilla to make it more embeddable.

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