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Orion/Meeting minutes/20110818

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  • Mark
  • Simon
  • Silenio
  • McQ
  • Grant
  • John
  • Andrew
  • Gosia
  • Tomasz
  • Szymon


  • Linking support is now in the editor
  • Started work on code folding
  • Need to figure out separation between editor rendering and code that figures out semantics of higher level capabilities (styling, hyperlinks, folding, etc).
  • Editor needs to be modular so light-weight editor is available for simple use cases
  • Crossfire protocol returning error statuses
  • Optimizing Crossfire protocol to reduce round trips
  • Firefox 6 added to tests
  • Need to update orion.eclipse.org daily
  • We need to have test pass earlier in week for milestones
  • Editor is now free of Dojo
  • Investigating better language tooling
    • Looking at using language.js for outline view rather than JSLint
  • Low hanging JS tooling fruit
    • No hierarchy in outline
    • Anonymous functions don't display well
    • No error recovery at all - parsing fails on first error
    • No classification of warnings vs errors
    • Indentation handling not entirely consistent - e.g., tab back on close brace
  • Contributing to JGit to fix bugs blocking Orion
  • Refactoring authentication framework
    • Avoid server-side JS injection
    • Enable authentication across domains
  • Talking to Chrome and Firefox about debug UIs