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Orion/Meeting minutes/20110310

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  • Simon Kaegi
  • Susan McCourt
  • Phil Brickland
  • Jon Ferraiolo
  • Szymon Brandys
  • Gosia Janczarska
  • Tomasz Zarna
  • Andrew Niefer
  • Grant Gayed
  • Libing Wang
  • Mark MacDonald
  • Boris Bokowski
  • Mike Wilson (McQ)
  • John Arthorne
  • Nayna Jain

M6 Candidate Fixes

  • WorkspaceServlet concurrency problem
  • Menus don't work on site config page on IE9
  • Add option in site config to mount a folder into a site
  • CRLF configuration problem in git
  • Surface errors returned by git status in git status UI


  • Churn in JSDT, and Firefox server side
  • Trying to get debug into shape for demo purposes at EclipseCon
  • Client UI for creating/launching sites
  • Want to start planning on M7 git UI
  • Preferences don't properly handle case where multiple users share a browser
  • Currently minifying core of dojo
  • Haven't enabled concatenation of our js code yet.
  • Been working on editor performance. Firefox improved by about 5%.
  • Problem with caret disappearing in editor on FF4. Looking into workaround but not for M6