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Orion/Manual Test Cases

This page lists up some complex test cases that needs some manual steps in Orion.

Git merge when conflicts happens

The test cases assume that you have a remote Git repository and a cloned local repository. When both the repositories modify the same file at the same places , conflicts may happen and manual merge is needed in Orion to resolve the conflicts. There are 3 test cases in this section. Before executing the test cases you need to do:

  • In your server's local drive , find a folder and use Git Bash there.
  • In Git bash , use "git init remote". This will create an empty git repository called remote.
  • In git bash , use "git clone remote local".This will clone a git repository called local.
  • In Orion , create two folders and link the full path of "remote" and "local" , respectively.

Both repository modified the same file

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