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(DOM manipulation)
Line 51: Line 51:
* dojo.keys constants
* dojo.keys constants
* dojo.trim
* dojo.trim
=== hash and hash change ===
* dojo.hash, hashchange events - use HTML5 equivalents
=== i18n utilities ===
=== i18n utilities ===
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=== Deferred / Promise support ===
=== Deferred / Promise support ===
* dojo.Deferred
* dojo.Deferred (use orion.Deferred)
* dojo.DeferredList
* dojo.DeferredList

Revision as of 23:53, 15 November 2012

For Orion 2.0, we are investigating client side implementations that do not depend on a particular javascript library, and instead use raw HTML5/CSS3 constructs where possible. For UI components, or widgets, that we need in the UI, we will consider small, library-independent implementations of the functionality, as well as considering our own implementation. Any custom implementations should be as small/simplified as possible, satisfying Orion use cases but not intending to be an independently consumable component.

This document outlines what would be needed to reduce or eliminate our dependence on dojo in favor of these other approaches.

Advantages of library independence

  • Orion consumers wish to make their own choices regarding javascript libraries and UI plugins, and do not wish to bring in other libraries (such as dojo) when they depend on a different library.
  • Orion consumers who use the same libraries as us (such as dojo) wish to switch versions at their own pace.
  • Size reduction and performance improvements as we eliminate library methods that are already available in the browser
  • Simplified learning curve for consumers
    • theming doesn't require understanding of library/widget level theming
    • don't force consumers to learn multiple conventions/life cycles in the UI (dijit lifecycle vs. Orion, dijit layout vs. raw CSS, etc.).

Existing dependencies and proposed replacements

The remainder of this document categorizes our dependencies and gives status on the replacement candidates.

DOM manipulation

We extensively use the dojo.* utility methods. Many of these are now available in our supported browser set. The following list shows method usage and replacement (this may expand to its own page).

  • dojo.byId
  • dojo.query
element.querySelector(selector, parentNode);
element.querySelectorAll(selector, parentNode);
  • dojo.addClass, removeClass, toggleClass
element.classList.add('class');  // one at a time
  • dojo.connect/disconnect
  • = "hidden"; = "1px";
  • dojo.create
  • dojo.position
  • dojo.empty
  • dojo.attr, removeAttr

General JavaScript utilities

  • dojo.hitch Function.bind
  • dojo.keys constants
  • dojo.trim

hash and hash change

  • dojo.hash, hashchange events - use HTML5 equivalents

i18n utilities

  • dojo.string substitution

Deferred / Promise support

  • dojo.Deferred (use orion.Deferred)
  • dojo.DeferredList

dijit Menu support

  • Command service should replace dijit implementation
    • Replace DropDown, MenuItem, PopupMenu with a simplified dropdown widget
    • Replace dijit Tooltip with simplified tooltip
  • Replace orion menu extensions
    • orion.UserMenu functionality supported by new dropdown + styling

dijit Dialogs

  • replace dijit.Dialogs with simple div-based equivalent
    • client templating of content
    • conversion of all existing Orion dijit dialogs (approximately 20)
  • small js add-ons for special features
    • modal support
    • lightweight, automatic dismissal

dijit Layout support

  • Ok green.gif Replace common page use of dijit BorderContainer, ContentPane, Splitter
    • switch to CSS based layout
    • implement small, lightweight splitter
  • Settings page uses custom dijit layouts
  • Some pages (compare, shell) use internal dijit layout such as BorderContainer

Orion custom dijits

  • domain-specific widgets don't need a framework, replace with application level code
    • plugin related widgets (plugin entry, plugin list, service carousel)
    • site editor
  • settings layout widgets replaced with CSS/splitter (SettingsContainer, SplitSelectionLayout)
  • settings custom field widgets (TextField, Select, Toggles, Buttoms) replaced with HTML5 dom elements
  • settings section moved to existing Orion section support

move unused dijit-based experiments out of orion repository

  • plugin maker

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