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Orion/How Tos/Using Gerrit in Orion


This How To makes a few assumptions:

  1. That you have already configured the Git repository you wish to use Gerit with, and that Gerrit has been enabled on the repository. If you have not cloned a repository yet, try viewing the How To page for working with Git
  2. That you are working with the Orion repositories, as all of the screen shots and examples will mention those repositories exclusively. If you are not trying to set up Gerrit for the Orion repositories, the steps will be generally the same but the URLs will differ.
  3. That you have a valid log-in and will not be using anonymous access to Gerrit

Get the Gerrit information

To use Gerrit you have to set up another remote for your repository that points to the Gerrit instance.

In this example we will be adding a remote for the Orion client repository.

The first step is to find the project in Gerrit so we can determine what its URL is. To do this go to the Gerrit projects page and filter using orion, then select the client project.

The project page information for all of the Orion repositories can be found in the Gerrit project pages section below.

On the Orion client project page there will be different URL information for how to set up your remote. At the top of the information page you will see a URL like ssh:// Copy this URL, we will use it in the next step.

Configure the Gerrit remote

Once you are logged into the Orion client, use the navigation menu to open the Git repositories view. Assuming have already cloned the Orion client repository, lets add the Gerrit remote.

  1. Select the Orion client repository, taking you to the information page with a section called Remotes
  2. Expand that section and click the New Remote button on the right hand side
  3. In the Name box supply a meaningful name, such as gerrit
  4. In the URL box enter the URL fro the Gerrit project page, in this case it will be ssh://
    The new remote entry example for the Orion client
  5. Press Submit and you should see your new Gerrit remote
  6. In the Configuration section select the View all link on the right hand side
  7. Find the remote.gerrit.fetch setting and change it to be refs/notes/*:refs/notes/*
  8. Using the New Configuration Entry button on the right hand side and the new entry remote.gerrit.push and set its value to be HEAD:refs/for/master
    The new gerrit push configuration entry
  9. Head back to the Remotes section and do a pull on the gerrit remote to make sure it is working.

Gerrit project pages

  1. Orion client project page
  2. Orion marketplace project page
  3. Orion server project page

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