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Orion/How Tos/Install Orion Marketplace on Localhost

This page explains how to download, install, and run Orion Marketplace on your local machine.


  1. Download and install the current Node.js for your platform from [1].
  2. Pre-buit installers should contain NPM out of the box. If you decide to build from sources, you may want to use a build script. See, e. g. [2].
  3. Download and install Apache CouchDB for your platform from [3].
  4. Clone Orion Marketplace sources from http://git.eclipse.org/c/orion/org.eclipse.orion.marketplace.git


  1. If installed from pre-built binaries, Apache CouchDB itself should not require additional configuration and be available using http://localhost:5984/_utils/.
  2. Using the Apache CouchDB web interface create a database for Orion Marketplace, e. g. orion-marketplace.
  3. Using the system console (or node.js command prompt in Windows) navigate to the location where you have cloned the Orion Marketplace sources. In order to install required external node.js modules, use npm install.
  4. If you provided a different database name than orion-marketplace or wish to alter some default server settings, open the orion-marketplace.conf configuration file and change the appropriate configuration entries.

Run the server

  1. Navigate to the server location and type node app.
  2. The server should be running on http://localhost:3000