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Orion/How Tos/Compare widget Build

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Compare build and demo

  • In order to make the Orion compare widget easier to consume, a RequireJS build and a demo have been introduced.
  • The build is targeted at users who already use the RequireJS module loader.
  • The build is are available both minified and non-minified.
  • The demo is a zip file containing minified, non-minified builds and the common css file together with demo html files, by which you can run the demo offline.

Getting the build and demo

  • After version 3.0 M1, the Orion build page will include the compare build but for now you can download the demo.zip file and unzip it to get both the build and demo.

The build

  • built-compare.min.js and built-compare.js are the minified and non-minified versions of the standalone build.
  • built-compare.css is the built css file and is needed by both builds.

The demo

  • demo_simple.html demos the simplest ability to compare two text contents side by side. You can also change the contents on both side and compare again.
  • demo_lightweight.html adds a load sample and walk all the diffs features. You can easily walk through all the diffs in word level by an animation.
  • demo.html is the fully loaded one by which you can select the content type, on which the widget chooses a syntax highlighter for you. Also the widget becomes toggleable between side by side and unified. Also there are buttons rendered automatically by the widget for the convenience of diff navigations.

Orion compare page

  • The built compare files will also be available directly from the Orion compare web page releases section.

Using the Build