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This page is for attendees of the Orion End to End Tutorial. You can find instructions here on how to prepare for attending the tutorial. Also we may use this page to provide useful links and pointers for use during or after the tutorial.

This tutorial is a very introductory look at doing web application development using Orion. You will learn a lot about how to use Orion, and some basic web development skills. We expect attendees to have basic prior knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, but you can likely muddle through the material without much experience.

How to Prepare

Attendees should do the following before arriving at the tutorial:

  1. Create an account on If wireless connectivity is good enough we will use this for the entire tutorial
  2. Download a copy of Orion. We will use this in case of catastrophic wireless failure.
  3. Have somewhere you can push Git changes to, such as an account on Bitbucket or GitHub.
  4. Clone the tutorial repository into OrionHub by clicking here.

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