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Orion 5.0 will replace our current JSLint validator with ESLint. This page captures ongoing issues.


Here's a table showing the equivalent validation rules in JSLint and ESLint.

ESLint rule JSLint option JSLint message Details
eqeqeq eqeqeq (or eqeq in older versions, with inverse on/off state) Expected '===' and saw '=='.
Expected '!==' and saw '!='.
no-undef node', browser, require
semi - Missing semicolon.
wrap-iife - Wrap the entire immediate function invocation in parens.
Do not wrap function literals in parens unless they are to be immediately invoked.
Move the invocation into the parens that contain the function.

Rule priority

Here are the rules we want, in order of priority:

  1. no-undef

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