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Orion/Documentation/User Guide/Reference/Git Status page

Git Status page

The Git Status page provides a summary of the current state of a Git clone associated with your Orion account. This page shows changes in your working tree, staged changes that are ready to commit, and a summary of the current contents of the local and remote tracking branches. The title area indicates the repository and branch name you are currently viewing. Commands available on staged or unstaged files are shown to the right of each file when you hover over it.


Types of changes

Excluding the conflicting cases, there are three types of changes: adding, changing and deleting. The types of changes are indicated by icons on the left of the files.


Viewing changes

Click any staged or unstaged change to open a comparison between the working copy and the state of that file in the most recent commit. You can also open a separate Compare page by clicking the Side by side compare button to the right of the file name. The compare page allows you to merge changes or perform further edits on your uncommitted changes.

Staging changes

Hover over any unstaged change to pop up all available action icons. Then hover over the first action. You will see the tool tip as stage.


Click on the action to stage the change. The change is shown in the staged area.


From the top-right corner of the unstaged area, you can also click on the stage all action to stage all the changes.


Restoring a change from the index

Hover over any unstaged change to pop up all available action icons. Then hover over the second action. You will see the tool tip as checkout.


Clicking on the action pops up the confirmation dialog. Click OK to restore the change from the index or Cancel to cancel the action.


Unstaging changes

From the top-right corner of the staged area, you can click on the unstage all action to unstage all the changes. Currently unstaging a single change is not supported yet but this will be addressed in the future version of Orion.


Committing changes

Once changes are staged, you can use actions in the commit area to commit the staged changes. The commit button is disabled if there is no message in the commit message, so you have to input the message before you commit the changes. The Amend check-box is used to amend the last commit.


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