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Orion/Documentation/User Guide/Reference/Coding page

Coding page

Navigate to the Coding page by clicking any file in the Navigator page that has a corresponding Orion editor. This page is comprised mainly of an editor area, and a collapsible outline section on the left hand side. Error markers are shown in the gutter to the left of the line numbers, and a birds-eye view of errors is shown next to the scroll bar on the right. The name of the file being edited, and the current line and column information are shown in the title area at the top of the page.


The editor supports many of the typical key bindings from the Eclipse editor. To find out what key bindings are available, type Ctrl+Shift+?.


Basic content assist is currently supported in JavaScript and CSS files. Other file types may be supported depending on what plugins you have installed. Type Ctrl+Space to open content assist at the current cursor position in the editor.

Using the Outline

The Outline pane to the left of the editor shows the structure of the file you are editing. Click entries in the outline to jump to the corresponding location in the editor. When not in use, you can collapse the Outline pane using Ctrl+O.

There are plugins available that define additional outline capabilities for various file types. Click Get Plugins in the top banner to find additional outline plugins for HTML and JavaScript. When multiple outlines are available, a drop-down menu appears at the top of the outline, allowing you to select a particular outline presentation:



There are several ways to perform searches in the editor (some key bindings may be different on Mac OS):

  • Ctrl+F will open a dialog to search for occurrences of some text in the current editor
  • Ctrl+J will perform an incremental search as you type. A message in the title area will let you know you are in incremental find mode, and will turn red to indicate no matches were found.
  • Ctrl+H will search for occurrences of the currently selected text across all files. The search results will pop up in a new window, from which you can navigate to files containing the matches
  • Typing search terms in the search box in the upper right corner of the title area will search for the terms across all files, and display matches in the Search Results page.

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