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Orion/Documentation/Developer Guide/Plugging into the settings page

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Orion plugins can define Settings. A Setting defines some persistent information that is provided to one of the plugins's services. Defined Settings appear on Orion's "Settings" page, and their values can be changed using an automatically-generated UI.

A Setting is a combination of two more basic configuration elements:

  • A PID (persistent identifier), which uniquely identifies the configuration data for the setting.
  • Metatype information, which defines the "shape" of the setting. Specifically, it defines what named properties appear in the setting and what data type they have (string, boolean, number, etc). The Settings page uses this Metatype information to generate appropriate UI widgets (for example, text field, checkbox, etc).


The orion.core.setting service contributes one or more settings.

Service properties

To contribute one or more Settings, the settings service property is used:

Setting[]. Defines Settings.
String. The PID for this setting. This PID occupies the same namespace as the PIDs contributed by Managed Services, and must be unique in that respect.
String. Human-readable name of this setting.
String[]. Optional. List of tags applying to this setting.
PropertyType[]. Gives the properties that make up this setting. The shape of the PropertyType element is explained in Metatype documentation.

Service methods

None. This service is completely declarative.


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