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Orion/Documentation/Developer Guide/Icons

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Icon sprites

When adding or updating an icon, the sprite file must be updated as well. Instructions are as follows (see Bug 360041):

To add a new image to the sprite:

  1. copy the image into the bundles/org.eclipse.orion.client.ui/web/images/ folder.
  2. add the image to in alphabetical order.
  3. run<code> to create <code>
  4. go to spritegen, specify the zip file, horizontal and vertical offset: 2px and add the Class Prefix : core-sprite-. Leave the other defaults.
  5. press the create sprite image and css button on spritegen.
  6. click the save image button to download core_sprites.png.
  7. cut and paste the css into images.css<code>
  8. add the new sprite entry to <code>core_sprites.html
  9. open core_sprites.html in a browser to see the new sprited image.

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