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Orion/Documentation/Developer Guide/Configuration services

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Orion provides a number of service APIs related to service configuration.

Managed Services

A service may need configuration information before it can perform its intended functionality. Such services are called Managed Services. A Managed Service implements a method, updated(), which is called by the Orion configuration framework to provide configuration data to the service. As with all service methods, updated() is called asynchronously. The configuration data takes the form of a dictionary of key-value pairs, called properties. If no configuration data exists for the Managed Service, null properties are passed.

A Managed Service needs to receive its configuration information before the service is invoked to perform other work. For example, a configurable validation service would want to receive any custom validation options (or null, if no custom options were configured) before actually performing any validation. For this reason, the framework guarantees that a Managed Service's updated() method will be called prior to any other service methods the service may implement.

Managed Services can be contributed by registering against the service name. Every Managed Service must provide a service property named "pid" which gives a PID (persistent identifier). The serves as a primary key for the configuration information of a Managed Service.

The Orion concept of a Managed Service is analogous to the OSGi Managed Service.

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