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Orion documentation is authored primarily on this wiki. This documentation is then converted into standalone HTML documentation in the build using Mylyn/WikiText. All child pages of this page are included in Orion builds. This documentation is held to a higher standard than typical Eclipse wiki content. The following rules must be followed:

  • Do NOT move or rename any of these pages without updating the corresponding build script.
  • Follow the style guidelines in the Eclipse Doc Style Guide.
  • Documentation must remain up to date with current features in origin/master in our Git repository.
  • Only include documentation for fully implemented features. Do not include design plans for future feature work, or other transient developer documentation.

Documentation for Orion is divided into two major books:

Orion User Guide
user guide
Orion Developer Guide
dev guide


  • How to reference jsdoc from the documentation
  • References within jsdoc use @link
  • Recommended Usage of JSDoc