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Orion/Chrome Tools Integration

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  • Student: Zachariah Moreno
  • Mentors: John Arthorne, Ken Walker, & John Barton

This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2012 & can be followed in greater detail on GitHub [1].


My goal for this year’s GSoC is to write a Chrome extension that implements Orion as part of the current DevTools, with the extended goal of landing this functionality within Chrome. A Chrome implementation would give Orion a platform for exposing its functionality to developers everywhere. Allowing for designers and developers to view their changes in real-time, a cornerstone that I believe is missing from the current development process. Applications like Adobe Dreamweaver try to augment this issue by implementing a WebKit view into their native environment. But, I believe this to be the wrong way to go about solving this issue. We design and develop for the browser so we should complete that process by designing and developing in the browser.


This section contains tasks which are under development now and in the nearest future.

Glass.gif Needs some research

Progress.gif Work in progress

Ok green.gif Milestone completed

Status Milestone Description Due Date Bugs / Reviews
Ok green.gif M1 Community Bounding, technical discussion May 21st
Ok green.gif M2 Chrome DevTools extension - empty May 21st
Ok green.gif Students begin coding official GSoC milestone, see [2] May 21st
Ok green.gif M3 Embed Orion Client in extension June 1st
Glass.gif M4 Use chrome.devtools.inspectedWindow.getResources API to pull in client side code June 29th
Glass.gif M5 Integrate Save functionality July 11th
Glass.gif Midterm evaluations official GSoC milestone, see [3] July 13th
Glass.gif pencils down date official GSoC milestone, see [4] August 13th

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