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{{#eclipseproject:technology.higgins|eclipse_custom_style.css}} The XDI Context Provider implements IdAS operations by sending XDI messages to an XDI endpoint (or by applying them to a local XDI document).

It maps IdAS operations to XDI operations. This mapping is described in further detail at IdAS XDI Mapping.


The XDI Context Provider is a Higgins Context Provider, i.e. it implements the IContextFactory, IContext and other interfaces of the IdAS API.


  • Higgins Home
  • The XDI RDF Model is the current OASIS TC proposal for an RDF-based data model and addressing format for XDI. This document includes the proposed XDI RDF schema and a number of examples of XDI documents. (Note that it does not yet include the proposed XDI messaging format, which uses XDI documents as message envelopes for other XDI documents.)
  • Wikipedia page on XDI

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