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Orbit Minutes 070724


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Manifest Files

Based on the results of the Orbit test suite, there are a bunch of failures because the bundles don't contain a manifest file. Further investigation shows that a manifest is there, but is of the wrong casing. (e.g. When we look at CVS, the manifest looks ok so we need to determine where in the build process the problem occurs.

Bundle downloads

Do we want to try and make the GET URLs generated by Orbit be build-independent? That is, not have the build id in it so consumers don't always have to update their map files if there is a new Orbit build and their bundle didn't change? Some of the issues are described here: Orbit Bundle Layout.


Are we ready to start releasing new bundles to Orbit now that Europa is out the door?

Conf Calls

The Asterisk Conference Calls System has been set up by the Foundation for conference calls. Everyone please ensure you have the client software installed and we will use this system for the next Orbit call.

Next Meeting

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