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Orbit Minutes 070724


  • TBD



We have also added a basic test suite which verifies the layout of bundles.

  • some tests are currently fail because their manifest files aren't the right casing
  • people need to change manifest casing
  • Action: DJ to enter bug against PDE to validate the casing. (Done - bug 194650)
  • Action: DJ to gather bundles which are failing and will send note to mailing list.
  • We need to see if these are tested on Linux.

Bundle downloads

Do we want to try and make the GET URLs generated by Orbit be build-independent? That is, not have the build id in it so consumers don't always have to update their map files if there is a new Orbit build and their bundle didn't change?

  • Action: DJ to write wiki describing problems.


Discussions surrounding Orbit R-Builds.

  • when is the next r-build?
  • how do we plan for this?
  • same as regular project?
  • branch releng project to europa_maintenance
  • need to tag the map files for each build
  • do we really need branches?
  • create new map files? had because its based on what people consume
  • how about new features? set1 is for europa, something new for maintenance, etc.
  • thought from Pascal: have the build produce multiple map files, one for each consumer based on the info in the ip log file

Next Meeting

  • TBD

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