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Orbit Minutes 070626


  • Christian Damus
  • Joel Cayne
  • Jeff McAffer
  • Pascal Rapicault
  • DJ Houghton
  • Chris Aniszczyk
  • David Williams


IP Log info

An IP Log is now generated with each build and is available from the download page. The file is far from complete, please update with info for the bundles that you own.


We have also added a basic test suite which verifies the layout of bundles.

  • some tests are currently fail because their manifest files aren't the right casing
  • people need to change manifest casing
  • Action: DJ to enter bug against PDE to validate this is casing
  • Action: DJ to gather bundles which are failing and will send note to mailing list. We need to see if these are tested on Linux.

New Bundles

Now that we have declared a "recommended" build, is it ok to start releasing new bundles to Orbit?

  • remove for this week
  • add nightly builds? requires separate streams
  • R-builds are really a packaging problem?
  • build it from a status file?
  • Action: Chris to remove 2 new bundles from feature/map file until next week.

Conf Calls

The Eclipse Foundation has a new infrastructure for conference calls. We should start using it for Orbit calls.

  • Action: Jeff to co-ordinate and send note with new info.

Bundle downloads

Do we want to try and make the GET URLs generated by Orbit be build-independent? That is, not have the build id in it so consumers don't always have to update their map files if there is a new Orbit build and their bundle didn't change?

  • Action: DJ to write wiki describing problems.

Signing Bundles

  • e.g. platform signs but wtp doesn't sign - same bundle, same qualifier
  • signing is not a requirement for Europa
  • orbit doesn't sign but always said we should
  • probably a couple days or a weeks worth of work to modify build scripts
  • Action: David to send a note to cross-project warning people of potential problems.
  • only happens when you have people unzipping on top of a signed version


  • when is the next r-build?
  • how do we plan for this?
  • same as regular project?
  • branch releng project to europa_maintenance
  • need to tag the map files for each build
  • do we really need branches?
  • create new map files? had because its based on what people consume
  • how about new features? set1 is for europa, something new for maintenance, etc.

Map files

  • have the build produce multiple map files, one for each consumer based on the info in the ip log file

Next Meeting

  • TBD

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