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====Signing Bundles====
====Signing Bundles====
Kim to open bug report about re-signing JARs.
Kim to open [ bug report ] about re-signing JARs.
====Platform to consume Orbit bundles====
====Platform to consume Orbit bundles====

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Review action items from last call

IP Log info

Pascal to work on a document describing the format and requirements. Jeff to review.

Orbit Stable Builds

Kim to update doc (Promotion, Release, and Retention Policies) to say the milestone is the platform milestone - 1.

Signing Bundles

Kim to open bug report about re-signing JARs.

Platform to consume Orbit bundles

Kim to report on progress.

Update Orbit Builder

Kim to tag HEAD and David to Update builder.

Update features and map files

David to try multi-version and if everything works out he will combine the map and feature files.

Map File Generator

Pascal to create project and release the code there. Kim to document the format of the map file and instructions on how to consume it. Pascal to review.

Other discussion topics

Next Meeting

  • TBD

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