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Orbit Minutes 070213

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Review action items from last call

GET URL Fetch Factory

Pascal and DJ to test GET fetch factory for inclusion into PDE/Build.

  • Done. GET fetch factory implemented in PDE/Build and contributed to Eclipse 3.3 M5.

Producing an Orbit map file

Kim/Pascal to contact David re: having the Orbit build process produce a map file for consumers.

Martin to send their TM IP Log info to mailing list

  • Done.

Multiple Plug-in Versions in Map file

Pascal to investigate PDE/Build allowing for multiple plug-in versions in the same map file.

  • Done. Support in Eclipse 3.3 M5.

Orbit Stable Builds

David and Kim to write up a short doc on what is required for Orbit "stable" builds; Martin to review.

OBR Fetch Factory

Simon to give progress report on OBR fetch factory.

Signing Bundles

Kim investigating if we should be signing our bundles.

Platform to consume Orbit bundles

Platform to consume orbit bundles for M5. Note this requires promoting an Orbit build.

Other discussion topics

Next Meeting

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