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Orbit Minutes 061212

Revision as of 03:54, 15 December 2006 by David (Talk | contribs) (added dw notes from 12/12 meeting)


  • Christian Damus
  • David Williams
  • DJ Houghton
  • Hubert Leung
  • John Graham
  • Simon Kaegi
  • Tom Watson


  • Review action items from last call
    • Simon to create a wiki page on how to manage source for Orbit bundles.
      Done. [insert url link here]
    • David and Bjorn to start setting up the build
    • David to setup a basic build for use in the mean time.
* Preliminary code up and running, but needs another day of work to be ready for others to use.
  • See
  • CVS projects:
    • org.eclipse.orbit.releng
    • org.eclipse.orbit.releng.builder
    • org.eclipse.orbit.releng.control
    • org.eclipse.orbit.releng.dropsite
  • Jeff to work with the PDE team to ensure that having multiple versions of the same bundle will work smoothly.
    DJ reported that currently it doesn't, but plans are in place so it will for Europa. (see below)
  • Jeff to setup next call on Tuesday, Jan. 9th, 11 AM EST. And send reminder.
  • DJ to test the wrappering
    • created Bug 165356
    • PDE problems: PDE doesn't handle multiple versions of the same bundle very well in the target platform. See Bug 162388
    • JUnit problems: Some initial problems, but potentially related to the PDE problem described above. See Bug 167289
    • Ant problems: the name of the bundle is hard-coded into the Eclipse.Ant plug-in and there are problems when it finds the wrapper bundle and looks for the libraries that it contributes. (none) See Bug 167291.
    • Other discussion topics
      • Bundling multi-JAR distributions: for libraries comprising multiple JAR files, where they are commonly used together, perhaps it is convenient for Orbit and its consumers alike to repackage them as a single OSGi bundle. This can be done by nesting the original JARs within the bundle or by expanding their contents together into the bundle, both of which approaches have their pros and cons.
      • Bundle Creation Details (see Bug 159596 for reference)
        • Should the bundle version be the exact version or should we add a qualifier to allow for changes?
        • Should we be specifying the Execution Environment and dependancies? If yes, then what is the easiest way to do this if we don't have the source?

    Open Action Items

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