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Orbit/IP Log

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Here is an initial stab at a file format for the IP Log info for the Orbit projects.

<!DOCTYPE project[

<!-- A "project" element represents a specific version of an Orbit project -->
<!ELEMENT project info contact notes legal+>
<!ATTLIST project version CDATA #REQUIRED>

<!-- An "info" element contains more information on the project including where we got it and optional references on the web, etc. -->
<!ELEMENT info (name? origin? reference? repository location tag?)>
<!ELEMENT origin (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT reference (#PCDATA)>
<!-- The "repository" is the path to the CVS repository. -->
<!ELEMENT repository (#PCDATA)>
<!-- The "location" is the path in the CVS repository. -->
<!ELEMENT location (#PCDATA)>

<!-- The "contact" element describes the person on Orbit who is the contact for that project. -->
<!ELEMENT contact (name email company?)>
<!ELEMENT email (#PCDATA)>
<!ELEMENT company (#PCDATA)>

<!-- The "notes" element is an area for free-form notes about the project. -->
<!ELEMENT notes (note+)>

<!-- The "legal" element describes the legal items related to the project. There can be more than one if 
we have more than one package (JAR, package, or some other unit that has a different license than the 
enclosing project) The "package" element is not required (and there should only be one "legal" 
element) if the "legal" element applies to the whole project. -->
<!ELEMENT legal (ipzilla license package?)>
<!ELEMENT ipzilla>
<!ATTLIST ipzilla bug_id CDATA #REQUIRED>
<!ELEMENT license (name? reference)>
<!ELEMENT package (#PCDATA)>

Example for Xerces:

<project id="org.apache.xerces" version="2.8.0">
  <name>Apache Xerces</name>
  <name>Joe Smith</name>
  <company>Example Company</company>
  <note>We use this bundle for parsing XML.</note>
  <ipzilla bug_id="103"/>
   <name>Apache License Version 2.0</name>
  <ipzilla bug_id="1234"/>
   <name>Apache License Version 2.1</name>