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Bundles currently in Orbit

For the bundles available in a given build and links to download them, see the Orbit download pages.

How To Update

  • Go into the latest Orbit build folder on, eg.,
  cd ~/downloads/tools/orbit/downloads/drops/S20080209163815/
  • Run this script
  echo ""; echo "<table border='1'>"; echo "<tr><th>Bundle</th><th>Version</th></tr>"; \
  cat *.map | perl -pe "s/.+bundles\/(.+)\.(jar|zip,unpack=true)/\1/g" | sort | \
  uniq | perl -pe "s/_(\d+)/\t\1/g" | perl -pe "s#(.+)\t(.+)#<tr><td>\1</td><td>\2</td></tr>#" | \
  perl -pe "s#\!\*\*\* This file was created on (.+)#<tr><th colspan='2'>Updated \1</th></tr>#"; \
  echo "</table>";
  • Paste output into this document.

See Also

Looking for the old list? It's been moved here.

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