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Orbit/Adding Bundles To Orbit In 5 Minutes

For the long version See Adding Bundles to Orbit

This is for primarily meant as a guide if you know how to create an orbit bundle, and wish to make a release:

  • Checkout org.eclipse.orbit.releng and
  • Add the plugin to
  • Commit changes to, and tag the feature plugin with the version number. The version format is vYYYYMMDDHHMM in UTC.
  • Tag the bundle(s) that you wish to add to orbit with the same version number you used for tagging The version format is vYYYYMMDDHHMM in UTC.
  • Add the plugins to org.eclipse.orbit.releng/psf/orbit.psf:
<project reference="1.0,,org.eclipse.orbit/org.hamcrest.generator,org.hamcrest.generator_v1.1,v1_1"/> 
  • Add the plugins to org.eclipse.orbit.releng/maps/ Use the same version number here that you used for tagging previously.
  • Change the feature tag in (the last line in that file),,,org.eclipse.orbit/
  • Commit all changes in org.eclipse.orbit.releng, and wait for CruiseControl to pick it up.

See Orbit Builds for Orbit Committers.

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