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Open Metadata Search

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(Index search for Java EE metadata)

1.0 Introduction

In working with huge projects there are many instances the developers fall into situations where they need to find Java EE metadata of certain projects. It is indeed a tedious task to remember the exact locations of all project artifacts. Generally a particular artifact is remembered by a part of the content or some other special attribute such as the file name. At such instances developers usually tend to locate the file by performing a file search available in the operating system or going for a full text search. This indeed is a tedious task and wastes a lot of time of the developer. At the same time the results obtained might be of a low degree of effectiveness. It is indeed bliss if the Developing IDE itself can provide a Java EE metadata search. Obviously this can save a lot of time of the developer and it also can deliver the most optimal results that the developers are looking for.

2.0 The Solution Overview

Open Type and Open Resource index searches in the workbench are one of the most widely benefited tools for many developers. Especially its enormous ability of locating the exact class and the file in a huge project is very helpful. If we can perform the same kind of a search for Java metadata also it will be so beneficial to general developers. It will be guaranteed that the developers get the hassle free most effective results on facts that they want to search for. This feature should be capable of being invoked by a dialog box (as it is in the case of the Open Type and Open Resource) A hotkey combination is also important so that the developers can access this feature easily. The developers should be capable of searching for the particular artifact by just typing a portion of the content or some other important aspect such as the name of it. This tool will perform the index search over the EMF models and it is expected to use the EMF index as well. Indeed this tool is more specific than that of a generic indexing system. It is expected that this will work in close relation and with higher compatibility with the other tooling as it is expected to perform the search over the Java metadata stored in EMF models rather than over raw files.

3.0 The Architectural Overview

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