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Open CVS Search

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In working with large projects the version control systems are immensely helpful. The developers who use these version control systems often get confused due to the high volume of commits that are present within the project. This indeed wastes a lot of time of developers and make their life difficult. It is indeed superb if the IDE itself can refrain the needed data by searching for particular commits.

The Solution Overview

Eclipse is one of the widely used IDEs. CVS is considered as one of the favorite version control systems of many organizations. It would obviously be pleasing if the eclipse IDE can provide a facility with which we can search the CVS by commits and identify the exact artifact that need. The interfaces of the proposed plug-in for CVS search should look as the images given below.

Search Interface


Search results


The artifacts related to a certain project should be indexed in such a way that there are different fields which are indexed. These fields are commits, created date, modified date, name of the artifact etc. When connecting to the version control system this particular module should index all the un-indexed files in the local machine. When this is run for the first time the whole project is taken into the index. Since the bulk of the content is text files it is expected that it won't take so long for the indexing process. This indexing process can run as a back ground process too. This will enable the users to continue with his desired work while the indexing is being done. The system will perform searches on the index on demand and retrieve and display results according to the format given above.

The Architectural Overview

The system uses a unit wise architecture. Each unit runs individually and the communication is done between units. The Architectural Overview is given under Appendix-A. The functions that are expected from each unit as summarized below.




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