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== Documents by Component ==
== Documents by Component ==
:;[[Component Document List : common| common]]
:;[[Component Document List : common | common]]
:;[[Component Document List : wsdl | wsdl]]
:;[[Component Document List : wsdl | wsdl]]

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Web Tools Platform Project Wiki Home

These wiki pages are used to work on requirements, planning, and other documents for WTP 1.5.x, WTP 2.x, and 3.0.


WTP Development Status Meetings
Team thoughts on continuous improvement


WTP Smoke Tests
WTP Functional Test
WTP Compatibility Tests
WTP Build Process and Procedures
WTP Bugs, Workflow and Conventions
WTP: Consumer Control of Access Rules
Incubator Hatching


Architectural and Design Notes
Authoring Eclipse Help Using DITA
JEE 5 Support
Using the WSDL Validator Outside of Eclipse
WSDL Validator
WTP and STP Collaboration
WTP UI Consistency


Web Tools Requirements - including current release plans
Requirements and Planning Meeting minutes
Web Tools Platform Project 2.0 Plan
Selected WTP Test Plans

Release Information

WTP 1.0.x
WTP 1.5.x Detailed policies and processes
WTP 2.x Release Details
New Help for Old Friends ... transitioning from 1.0 to 1.5
New Help for Old Friends ... transitioning from 1.5 to 2.0
Weekly WTP What's Cooking Newsletter
WTP Component Scorecards

Documents by Component

Web Services

Web Site

Web site development

See also

WTP references
Web Tools Eclipse Web Page Home