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Revision as of 14:08, 16 December 2010 by (Talk | contribs) (Technical Details of Contributing to Indigo)

The Eclipse Object Teams Project intends to join the Indigo release train. Here are the details wrt the Eclipse Simultaneous Release document.

Do the basics ... early

  • Ok green.gif express statement of intent in the Portal


  • Progress.gif update project plan

IP Documentation

  • Progress.gif ongoing

Release Review

  • (typically at RC2)

Play well with others ... to be in common repository


  • Ok green.gif subscribe to cross-project mailing list (sherrmann)
  • Ok green.gif subscribe to cross-project bugzilla inbox (sherrmann)
  • Ok green.gif provide contact details for build engineer (see objectteams.b3aggrcon).


Here is where the fun starts :)

  • todo: document non-standard usage
    • usage of internal classes
    • aspect binding to bundle
      • decapsulation
      • interception
    • patch feature for org.eclipse.jdt.core
  • Progress.gif Eclipse-wide strategy for dealing with all kinds of exceptions
  • Glass.gif further discussion (process & technology)
    • API requests in bugzilla
    • extended friend mechanisms?
      • integrate with API tools?
      • establish communication protocol between teams?

Message Bundles

  • Progress.gif mostly done.

Version Numbers

  • Ok green.gif 4-part version numbers are consistently used

OSGi bundle format

  • Ok green.gif all plugins are true OSGi bundles.

Execution Environment

  • Ok green.gif all bundles have BREE set to J2SE-1.5


  • Ok green.gif all jars are signed on

Jarred Bundles

  • Progress.gif most bundles are jarred
    • Glass.gif check the following exceptions, is unpacking still needed?
      • Ok green.gif otdt: changing to jarred install seems to work out of the box, more testing needed
      • Ok green.gif got it to work with the little patch in bug 329806
      • Glass.gif otdt.samples: could be difficult to persuade the pde.ui.samples extension point to work off a jarred plug-in.
      I filed bug 332748 to track this last reason for unpacking.

Re-use and share

  • Ok green.gif the only external dependency org.apache.bcel is consumed from Orbit.


  • todo

Support Translations

  • Progress.gif string externalization is mostly done, participation in babel TODO

Excel in NL support

  • Glass.gif investigate where this would make sense


  • Ok green.gif About dialog icon with details is in place.

Do No Harm

  • Glass.gif potential incompatibilities could arise from
    • other feature providing a patch to org.eclipse.jdt.core, too. => incompatible
    • other feature applying bytecode weaving, too. Needs investigation, should be possible.
    • actually p2 touchpoints don't currently support smooth installation of several plug-ins using adaptor hooks (see bug 329784).
    • OTDT's aspect bindings interfering with other features. Shouldn't happen, if it happens we can fix on short notice.
  • Glass.gif planning to cross-test the OTDT with other bytecode weaving plugins installed
    • These are not part of Indigo: AJDT, Greclipse, Scala IDE
    • any weaving bundles in Indigo?

License text consistency

  • Ok green.gif Release 0.7.0 already consistently uses the June 15, 2010 version of about texts etc.

Be a good Eclipse Citizen ... and document it

Engage Community

  • Ok green.gif New&Noteworthy documents are available at each milestone (cumulative up-to release)


  • Ok green.gif Mimic and extend JDT's lead.


  • todo

Test Localization

  • todo

Enable Use with All Languages

  • todo awaiting users from non-western locals for input


Ramp Down Planned and Defined

  • todo


  • todo

Unit Tests

  • Ok green.gif currently more than 45400 tests
    • Glass.gif publish test results?

API Policy

  • Progress.gif will follow general rules concerning x-internal etc.

Retention Policy

  • todo

Project Metrics

  • Progress.gif docuware from 0.7.0 release revies should be a good starting point

Technical Details of Contributing to Indigo

  • Ok green.gif As documented in OTBuilding the automated build includes creating a deployable p2 repository with these properties
    • signed
    • with pack200 files
    • accumulative meta data per minor release
    • categorized
  • Ok green.gif Our contribution has been committed by following the steps in Indigo/Contributing_to_Indigo_Build:
    • We are contributing our features to the Programming Languages category, and OT/Equinox also to the EclipseRT Target Platform Components category, see objectteams.b3aggrcon
  • Ok green.gif Two issues were fixed during joining the aggregation build:
    • Our pack200 files were affected by incompatibility between JDK 5 & 6 (see bug 311469#6 ff.).
    • The platform filter of our fragment org.eclipse.objectteams.otequinox.sunjvm had a typo which was never reported (see bug 329984, bug 329985).

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