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(Jarred Bundles)
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===Jarred Bundles===
===Jarred Bundles===
* [[Image:Progress.gif]] most bundles are jarred
* [[Image:Progress.gif]] most bundles are jarred
** [[Image:Glass.gif]] check these exceptions: otdt,, otdt.samples, is unpacking still needed?
** [[Image:Glass.gif]] check the following exceptions, is unpacking still needed?
*** [[Image:Ok_green.gif]] otdt: changing to jarred install seems to work out of the box, more testing needed
*** [[Image:Ok_green.gif]] got it to work with the little patch in {{bug|329806}}
*** [[Image:Glass.gif]] otdt.samples: could be difficult to persuade the pde.ui.samples extension point to work off a jarred plug-in.
===Re-use and share===
===Re-use and share===

Revision as of 16:24, 9 November 2010

The Eclipse Object Teams Project intends to join the Indigo release train. Here are the details wrt the Eclipse Simultaneous Release document.

Do the basics ... early

  • Ok green.gif express statement of intent in the Portal


  • Progress.gif update project plan

IP Documentation

  • Progress.gif ongoing

Release Review

  • (typically at RC2)

Play well with others ... to be in common repository


  • Ok green.gif subscribe to cross-project mailing list (sherrmann)
  • Ok green.gif subscribe to cross-project bugzilla inbox (sherrmann)
  • Ok green.gif provide contact details for build engineer (see objectteams.b3aggrcon).


Here is where the fun starts :)

  • todo: document non-standard usage
    • usage of internal classes
    • aspect binding to bundle
      • decapsulation
      • interception
    • patch feature for org.eclipse.jdt.core
  • Progress.gif Eclipse-wide strategy for dealing with all kinds of exceptions
  • Glass.gif further discussion (process & technology)
    • API requests in bugzilla
    • extended friend mechanisms?
      • integrate with API tools?
      • establish communication protocol between teams?

Message Bundles

  • Progress.gif mostly done.

Version Numbers

  • Ok green.gif 4-part version numbers are consistently used

OSGi bundle format

  • Ok green.gif all plugins are true OSGi bundles.

Execution Environment

  • Ok green.gif all bundles have BREE set to J2SE-1.5


  • Ok green.gif all jars are signed on

Jarred Bundles

  • Progress.gif most bundles are jarred
    • Glass.gif check the following exceptions, is unpacking still needed?
      • Ok green.gif otdt: changing to jarred install seems to work out of the box, more testing needed
      • Ok green.gif got it to work with the little patch in bug 329806
      • Glass.gif otdt.samples: could be difficult to persuade the pde.ui.samples extension point to work off a jarred plug-in.

Re-use and share

  • Ok green.gif the only external dependency org.apache.bcel is consumed from Orbit.


  • todo

Support Translations

  • Progress.gif string externalization is mostly done, participation in babel TODO

Excel in NL support

  • Glass.gif investigate where this would make sense


  • Ok green.gif About dialog icon with details is in place.

Do No Harm

  • Glass.gif potential incompatibilities could arise from
    • other feature providing a patch to org.eclipse.jdt.core, too. => incompatible
    • other feature applying bytecode weaving, too. Needs investigation, should be possible.
    • OTDT's aspect bindings interfering with other features. Shouldn't happen, if it happens we can fix on short notice.
  • Glass.gif planning to cross-test the OTDT with other bytecode weaving plugins installed
    • These are not part of Indigo: AJDT, Greclipse, Scala IDE
    • any weaving bundles in Indigo?

License text consistency

  • Ok green.gif Release 0.7.0 already consistently uses the June 15, 2010 version of about texts etc.

Be a good Eclipse Citizen ... and document it

Engage Community

  • Ok green.gif New&Noteworthy documents are available at each milestone (cumulative up-to release)


  • Ok green.gif Mimic and extend JDT's lead.


  • todo

Test Localization

  • todo

Enable Use with All Languages

  • todo awaiting users from non-western locals for input


Ramp Down Planned and Defined

  • todo


  • todo

Unit Tests

  • Ok green.gif currently more than 45400 tests
    • Glass.gif publish test results?

API Policy

  • Progress.gif will follow general rules concerning x-internal etc.

Retention Policy

  • todo

Project Metrics

  • Progress.gif docuware from 0.7.0 release revies should be a good starting point

Technical Details of Contributing to Indigo

  • Ok green.gif As documented in OTBuilding the automated build includes creating a deployable p2 repository with these properties
    • signed
    • with pack200 files
    • accumulative meta data per minor release
    • categorized
  • Ok green.gif Our contribution has been committed by following the steps in Indigo/Contributing_to_Indigo_Build:
    • We are contributing our features to the Programming Languages category, and OT/Equinox also to the EclipseRT Target Platform Components category, see objectteams.b3aggrcon
  • Progress.gif Currently trying to resolve two issues of the aggregating build:
    • Our pack200 files were broken, should be fixed (see bug 311469#6 ff.).
    • The aggregator currently doesn't like our fragment org.eclipse.objectteams.otequinox.sunjvm (some issue relating to platform filters).

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