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OSEE Artifact Explorer

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This page should be a carbon-copy of OSEE/Users_Guide/Features#Artifact_Explorer_View which is just repeated on a separate page for convenience. It is possible that it has become out of date due to a new release of OSEE and, if you suspect this, please follow the above link.

The Artifact Explorer view, shown by default in the Define perspective, shows the artifact hierarchy of the selected branch. The artifact hierarchy is derived from the artifact's default hierarchy relation. By default, all branches have a default hierarchy root artifact which is the hierarchy tree's base element.


Toolbar buttons

Icon Description
CollapseAll.gif Collapses all tree nodes.
Up.gif Navigates to the parent container of the artifacts that are currently displayed at the top level in the view.
Artifact explorer.gif Opens a new instance of the Artifact Explorer view.
Branch change.gif Opens the Change Report View for the Artifact Explorer's selected branch. This report will show all changes made to the selected branch.
Artifact search.gif Opens the Quick Search View for the selected branch.
Bug.gif Opens an action against the Artifact Explorer view.

Pop-up Menu

To display, select one or more artifacts and perform a right-click.

Command Description
Open Opens the selected artifact using the default editor.
Open With Opens a sub-menu listing the available editor's for this artifact.
Reveal on Another Branch Open's a new instance of Artifact Explorer for a user selected branch. Expands tree elements to display the selected artifact to be revealed.
New Child Creates a new artifact and places it directly under the selected artifact.
Go Into Sets the selected artifact as the base of the artifact hierarchy tree hiding artifacts except child artifacts.
Mass Edit Opens the Artifact Mass Editor populated with the selected artifacts.
Sky Walker
Delete Artifact Deletes the selected artifacts.
Purge Artifact(s) Purges the selected artifacts from the data store.
Rename Artifact Allows a user to quickly change the artifact's name attribute.
Show Resource History Opens the Resource History view for the selected artifact. This will display all transactions for this artifact.
Import Opens Eclipse's import dialog.
Export Opens Eclipse's export dialog.
Lock Locks the artifact so the current user is the only one allowed to make changes to its attributes.
Copy Copies the artifact.
Paste Pastes the artifact.
Expand All Expands all tree nodes from the selected artifact down.
Select All Selects all open tree nodes.
Access Control Opens the access control dialog.


Operations that can be performed on an Artifact Explorer.

Command Description
Cross Branch Drag and Drop Artifacts can be referenced from other branches by dragging an artifact from one branch and dropping in onto another Artifact Explorer. The outcome will be one of two actions. If the artifact already existed on the branch it will be updated with the source artifacts state data. If the artifact did not exist on the destination branch it will be introduced to that branch. Meaning it will show up in the change report as an introduced artifact.
File Document Drag and Drop Artifacts can be created by dragging and dropping files directly onto the parent artifact. After the drop is performed, the Artifact Import Wizard should open. Select the import method and artifact type to convert file into. This should create a child artifact directly under the artifact where the file was dropped.