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OSEE consists of an number of elements, which are described individually at wiki.eclipse.org/OSEE#Documentation

This HowTo is intended to direct the user how to perform commonly required activities without having to know which element of OSEE they are dealing with.

How to... change what I see

How to... deal with data

How to... use branches

How to... import Artifacts from WordML


  • Paragraph number and title cannot be in the same line (paragraph) as the content.


Paragraph number wrong.png


Paragraph number correct.png

  • Paragraph numbers and titles cannot be embedded into a table. Any content (i.e. table) has to be in a new line after paragraph number and title.
  • Any table on contents needs to be removed and imported documents need to start with Paragraph numbers - paragraph title, followed by new paragraph with content.
  • For large imports, we have a WordMLNewLineMaker which is a type of Rule that can be ran from command line to automatically create new lines in appropriate places on your document. We use this to perform large imports.