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(= Find Bugs)
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# Click '''Finish'''
# Click '''Finish'''
=== Configure Code Quality Tools ===  
===Configure Code Quality Tools===  
==== Check Style ====
====Check Style====
# Select '''Window->Preferences'''
# Select '''Window->Preferences'''
# Select '''Checkstyle'''
# Select '''Checkstyle'''

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Code Quality Tools

Update your eclipse installation with the following tools:

Installation for Find Bugs, PMD, and Check Style:

  1. Launch Eclipse and go to Help->Software Updates->Available Software
  2. Drag the Update Site URLs into the Software Update and Add-ons dialog
  3. Select code style tools to install - for Find Bugs make sure you only select the Eclipse 3.4 or later entry
  4. Click the Install button
  5. Once installation completes, restart eclipse

Installation for Eclipse EMMA:

  1. Download zip file from the following link Eclipse Emma Zip File
  2. Unzip downloaded file into your dropins folder
  3. Restart Eclipse

Code Quality Configuration

Import OSEE Team Preferences

  1. Right-click on the following link OSEE Team Preferences
  2. Select 'Save Link As'
  3. Enter osee_team_3.4.epf and click Save
  4. Launch Eclipse
  5. Select File->Import->General->Preferences
  6. Click on Browse, navigate to the location where you saved osee_team_3.4.epf
  7. Select to Import all
  8. Click Finish

Configure Code Quality Tools

Check Style

  1. Select Window->Preferences
  2. Select Checkstyle
  3. Under the General Settings set Rebuild projects if needed to always
  4. Under the Global Check Configurations, click the New button
  5. Select Remote Configuration under the Type drop down
  6. Set name to OSEE Checks (Eclipse)
  7. Copy the following link into the Location entry OSEE Checks (Eclipse)
  8. Set the Cache configuration file checkbox to true
  9. Click OK'
  10. Select the OSEE Checks (Eclipse) configuration and click on Set as Default
  11. Click OK to accept settings

=Find Bugs

  1. Select Window->Preferences->Java
  2. Select Find Bugs
  3. Set analysis effort to Default
  4. Click OK to accept settings


  1. Right-click on the following link OSEE PMD Rule Set
  2. Select 'Save Link As'
  3. Enter osee_pmd_rule_set.xml and click Save
  4. In Eclipse, select Window->Preferences
  5. Select PMD->Rules Configuration
  6. Click on Import rule set...
  7. Click on Browse, navigate to the location where you saved osee_pmd_rule_set.xml
  8. Set the Import by Copy check box to true
  9. Select OK to import the rule set
  10. Select OK to accept the change and close the Preferences Dialog

Monitor OSEE Bugs using Mylyn

Integrating OSEE and Bugzilla

Before Committing Code

  1. Synchronize and Update
  2. Run Code Quality Checks
  3. Ensure all the tests are green. (Tests projects can be identified by their '*.test' suffix. All tests have to be executed as plug-in unit tests.)
  4. Ensure the reference documentation is up to date (i.e. reflects your changes) (Documentation is maintained in project 'via the OSEE wiki').