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OSEE/Coverage/Users Guide/Intro

Coverage Home

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Coverage Overview

The Coverage application allows provides for the configuration management and tracking of coverage disposition efforts throughout a project.

  • Allow importing of coverage results from user created or industry coverage tools
  • Track / disposition code coverage tasks at file level
  • Allow assignment / statusing of coverage dispositioning to be worked
  • Show which items are dispositioned
  • Allow customer to see file analysis, summary, disposition
  • Provide ability to generate metrics on coverage from current and previous runs
  • Provide ability to re-run reports to see what has changed
  • Provide ability for code coverage issue to be "ignored" in future runs
  • Document and report showing all coverage that was ran
  • Allow creating, relating and tracking of changes to work products based on coverage disposition results.


Coverage Package

Effort of coverage that includes multiple imports, reports, exports and metrics
Requirements Traceability
Traceability between what Test Units are expected to cover each Coverage Item
Coverage Traceability
Traceability between what Test Unit actually covered each Coverage Item
Coverage Method
Coverage can be met by different methods: Deactivated Code, Exception Handling, Test Unit coverage, Test Procedure coverage, etc
Coverage Import (CImp)
Single import of coverage information from Coverage Source. Contains all Coverage Units
Coverage Source (CS)
Location of source coverage information to import from
Coverage Unit (CU)
Single code unit (file/procedure/function) that can contain other Coverage Unit or Coverage Items
Coverage Item (CI)
Single executable line of code whether it is covered or not
Test Unit (TU)
Single test that can cover multiple Coverage Items
Coverage Issue
Problem due to code/test script which causes Expected Test Units to not match actual coverage Test Units. Coverage Item should be marked as exempt from coverage due Deactivated Code, Exception Handling or any other User Defined Categories
Work Product
Product that the coverage is being run against and will be changed based on the disposition results.
Work Product Task
Task associated with modifying a Work Product based on findings from disposition. This is done through the OSEE ATS (Action Tracking System).

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